• How Much Protein Do You Need?

    Between diet fads touting the attributes of healthy fats, eating little to no carbs, or plugging protein, knowing how much of every nutrient you should be eating everyday can be confusing. Protein, in particular can be quite confusing for many individuals, because the ideal dietary intake of protein has a wide variance, based upon weight,

  • The Best Time of Day to Weigh Yourself

    First off, doctors recommend a scheduled time to weigh yourself once a day, keeping to this set time no matter what. Since an individual’s body weight fluctuates throughout the day, it is difficult to get an accurate reading when you are constantly stepping on the scale. According to Dr. Holly Wyatt, M.D., medical director of

  • Metabolism / Weight Loss

    Metabolism / Weight Loss Metabolism – Technically, the chemical changes taking place in a cell or organism. These changes make energy and the material cells and organisms need for growth, reproduction, and staying healthy. Research has provided insight on how particular foods, behaviors, and activities can speed up or slow down your metabolism, in other