• Scientific Reasons It’s Harder for Women to Lose Weight

    According to Dr. Linda Anegawa, F.A.C.P., founder of OSR Weight Management in Hawaii and metabolic medicine and clerkship director in medicine for the University of Hawaii, for women who are determined to lose weight, it’s important to understand why it is more difficult for women to shed pounds than their male counterparts. Scientifically, there are

  • Stephania’s Transformation

    This is our client Stephania, who has allowed us to share pictures of her before pregnancy (185 lbs), her 9th month of pregnancy (250 lbs) November, 2013. Stephania joined the Physique Factory 3 months after her baby was born weighing 210 lbs. March-August 2014, Stephania worked out twice a week doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval

  • Benefits of Weight Training & Muscle Development

    Benefits of Weight Training & Muscle Development

    Over the last ten years , investigative studies have made highly compelling arguments justifying the beneficial aspects of weight training for women and for those forty years of age and older. However, very few women take the recommendation of weight training seriously. This article by Joe Franco, will emphasize the benefits of weight training as