Dan PagelPersonal Trainer

Gwen JordonPersonal Trainer

Dan has been a full-time Physical Therapy Assistant for 22 years now. Dan has been training in the gym for over 35 years. His past includes competing in bodybuilding contests & shows. Dan is a Certified Life Coach and is trained in strength training, sports training, weight loss, as well as nutrition. Dan made his lifelong dream come true when in 2015 he added an addition to his home and opened up The Physique Factory.

Gwen is 61 years old and in the absolute best shape of her life. She has been training with Dan for the past 7 years now. She has always worked out for most of her life. Gwen started with the basics such as running, sit-ups, and push-ups. She used to run 10 miles twice a week. Gwen met Dan in 2011 and her training became much more serious. She started strength training with weights and did High Intensity Interval Training. Gwen has been working out at LA Fitness for years until recently when she  and Dan put an addition on their home and opened up The Physique Factory. In 2016 she entered her first Bodybuilding/Physique competition. Placing first in bodybuilding and third in Physique. In 2017 she entered her first powerlifting contest and set the State of Florida record for her age division in the Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift.


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